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Historic Recordings

Those pieces probably will never find space on a CD of mine. Reason enough to show them here...


"De Christian ide Bildixmaschine"

This is a 5min part of a 40min "rock opera" of iSiS, my first scool band in 1975.
Its about the problems of an over inteligent but emotionally disturbed teen.
It was the time when we composed (yes, I wrote some scores!), feeling that quality was in complex chord sequences.



Lizard was the Artrock band I worked hard with between 1978 and 1980. Then Punk and the youth revolution in Zurich washed us away. One of the characteristics of the band was that we made all of the equipment by ourselves: Mixier, amps, cabinets, bass synth, digital delay, lights (mechanics and control)... even the keyboards were modified!
We made 500 live doubble vinyl albums in 1980, after the split of the band! Eventually it became so rare that the price went up to $300!
In 2000 a double CD came out on BlackRills, mastered by Bob Katz!
Its available on Bandcamp


Bea Giossani

She is mainly a painter and designer, but always sings in Soul bands like SmallClub.
I have a strong influence from gospel and Hammond organ and as we met, we understood that we both play to praise and channel strong energy...

We had a long history of "musical love" and common afection for improvisation. It started when she heard a recording of my first and only pre-loop solo concert in 1982 and spontaneously made a drawing to it which told us we understood...

1980-84, we had the full-improvisation rockband "Ggroggy" going with allways changing musicians. She knows very little english, just enough to make her lyrics sound alike, without any meaning exept for a few key words...

Once in the rehearsal cellar we were interrupted at a beautifull improv. That was the last piece I tried to transform into a composition. We gave up after some rehearsals and I came to the conclusion that I only wanted to improvise and that it was possible to create dynamic and rather complex pieces as this one is, even with 5 musicians...

We were mostly rocking, but also flying high on stage! Especially exiting, since her jelous boy friend was the singer in the following band where she had to sing back vocals - remember Ike + Tina? :-)

Arround 1989, she also created loops with me!
Once in Guggisbad in a restaurant where only one or two understood what was going on, we created the piece I most listen to so that my room mate complained that it was so "Sacral". Imagine that beautifull electric small lady in leather (on the left), dreaming with our music in that ordinary restaurant!


"Vania Dantas Leite"

This is maybe the most AvantGarde I ever went. Vania is a very respected piano player and composer of operas in Rio, but at the time had a phase when she prefered to program birds and explosions on her Yamaha TX16 synth (which is not easy either!). So when she heard that I came to Rio with a t.c.2290, she invited me to loop her strange sounds and we could not stop laughing when we listened to the result! (watch about the middle of the piece for the laugh).
She also called me a genious because: "You are able to play out of the rhythm!". Nevertheless, I wanted to play beautifull and learn about rhythm.

we did some rather New Age concerts with lots of projectors and all. In one of the shows, the solo "Planetario" happened

I was convinced that our music was creating serious damage after the following story:

While we practiced, a neighbour was hitting on our wall. Vania said it was not because of our music, but because his television suffered interference from her synthesizer and we went on acumulating hell and explosions. After a while, we heard noises in the corridor and went out and saw this neighbour yelling with the neigbour on the other side and then their sons came with wooden sticks and there was a big fight until blood flew and the Police came and we all went there. Vania called her lawyer and after a while an elegant man with a clever suitcase came and within 5 minutes all was solved and we could go home. So I asked her how the lawyer did that and she laughed and said: "the lawyer was not at home, so his son came, he is an actor!"


O Piano da Franzisca

"O piano da Francisca" (1992/3)

The third category did not really start yet: I always used to play piano. I am not serious in technical knowledge, but full of ideas.
There are no loops.

"going deeper"