Curriculum of Matthias Music

Matthias started in 1973 to play with Rock bands, inspired by Pink Floyd, Genesis and Jimi Hendrix. In 1980 his progressive rock band Lizard broke up because simple energies like punk took over, and he came to the conclusion that music needs to be improvised the be pure and original and radically stopped to remember or think about the music while playing. In 1984 the bands suddenly seamed too loud and harsh and he developed the equipment to play solo what then was called New Age music.

In 1987/88 he lived in Rio de Janeiro, completely dedicated to exploring the new instrument which many excellent musicians of the rich scene, interested in novelties. He played with Vania Dantas Leite at MAM (Museu de Arte Moderna), Planetário and IBAM, with Claudio Nucci, with the Spanish painter Manuel Castelin and experienced several ways of using images on stage. TEKBOX released the tape "Da Vibração dos Cristais" and with Márcio Miranda and others he recorded "Electric Mantras".

Then came a phase of engineering in Switzerland, developing POLYSUBBASS and LOOP delay. Still, he had another multimedia project going with painter Bruno Bösiger and dancer Silvia Gwerder

In 1993 he turned back to Brazil, this time he installed all his laboratory in Bahia and gave about 100 concerts, solo and with Antonio Senna, percussionists Bira Reis and Sérgio Otanazetra and singer Soraya Aboim in universities, festivals, bus stations, even in bars for some time.

Matthias started to call his music "Música AguArianA", representing agua (water) ar (air) aquarius and aries.

In 1995 he released the tapes "Música para viajar" (traveling music) and "Música para pensar-se" (music to think).

While in USA, his kind of music gained the name "ambient music", the idea was and still is very new for Bahia and he is the only one playing such music live.

In 1996 the multimedia presentations continued with dancer Isabelle Cordeiro, Bella Saffe and painter Rui Santana.

In 1997 he created the show DimenSom with Bira Reis, an experiment to join the African tradition of religious percussion with the reverberated sound of the European church music.

With Ma To Chi he started the regular event "JantArte" (supper+art) in the "Centro Cultural Brazil-China" , where the public is cared with a vegetarian Taoist buffet (body), a holistic speech (mind) and a music meditation (spirit).

In 2000 Matthias discovered Contact Dance Improvization and the dancers discovered that his music is ideal to flow along with and for him it was an ongoing marvelous experience to instantely see the result of his music.

In 2001 work with Giba Conceição started. The first CD-R is called "Flechas de Fogo". The music is much more rhythmical, sometimes tribal, and spreads the feeling of freedom and joy.

In Dezember 2002 Matthias and Giba played at the Mercado Cultural festival and since then the MTV Brasil repeats some shots...

In 2003 Matthias became tired of the CD-R technology which did not really turn reliable and finally produced a industrial CD: "ouvir mais - pedir menos", a sampler of meetings with 9 different brasilian musicians.

In 2004, inspired by Bernhard Wagner, Matthias discovered his tribal and vocal side, much more primitive than in the first track of the CD... music to participate, not to listen, and therefore not to record.

In 2005 Matthias guides his first session with the spiritual group

After 2005, the transition to the computer took a lot of work and made presentations insecure. Fresh music grows from the duo with Danilo Carvalho.