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"Música AguArianA em Jejum" (1999)

Recorded during a 4 day Lent in the Center for Chinese culture during Carnaval '99.

The process of just drinking water to get rid of all material and emotional desires is very interesting and resulted in strong changes in real live afterwards.

Every evening, the group meditated while I plaid. A strongest bit of each night is on the CD.

This is my most quiet, really meditative work.

you can get this music at Bandcamp


A piece for meditation, made the help of philosopher ZeBrito listening.
Originally 45", now 8"


"Música AguArianA para JantArte" (1997)

JantArte was a monthly event at the chinese culture center with chinese vegetrarian food, a speach and my music to feed body, mind and soul.

The public used to lay down or sit on the carpet and mind traveled to places I had never imagined this music could lead to...


I planned to create a massage CD for the center. I did not get to it yet, but I offer a glance at it in form of a sample of the first track ...

you can get this music at Bandcamp

AguArianA para pensar

"Música AguArianA para pensar-se" (music for thinking) (1995)

Recorded in several Universities in late 1995. The public used to be very concentrated and open for any far out trip. Most parts are quiet and harmonic, but sometime we went into very strange and disharmonic, even yelling of agony. As a friend said: "I needed to think and put in your tape, but it came to a point where it was just impossible to think anything!". That's a very interesting point, my friend, afterwards, in the next relaxing part, you will profit from what your mind did, while it "did not think".

Recado na UFBA

There message during the music is about the courage to imagine and thus changing the future.

AguArianA para viajar

"Música AguArianA para viajar" (music to travel) (1995)

Recorded at the Rodoviaria of Salvador (intercity bus station), where lots of people wait for their bus or for their friends to arrive. All kinds of emotions are retained behind the silent faces or break out suddenly in tears and hugs for people that have not been or will not be seen for a long time. Many go on their weekly trips they cannot stand any more, others are at the edge of a complete change in their lives - the moment to clean out the head of the old stories and create space for hopes and plans for the next phase. The simple, pleasant, sometimes almost rocky music helps to go inwards. The loops continue circulating in the head long after the sound stopped.

you can get this music at Bandcamp


"Maria" (1993)

The year I finished the LOOP delay and moved to Brazil and met Maria in our wooden house at the beach. A documents of all kinds of emotions.

"Grama para Todos" (Grass for all), thinking of the very dry region Maria was born in.

"Dúvidas" cleaning doubts...

"Bass Line"

"Da Vibração dos Cristais"

Originally called "sincero no momento" (instant sincerity). My first solo work published by a Record company (TEKBOX) in Rio de Janeiro. Only cassete, though.

They sold it under "New Age", but the music is to deep and dynamic compared to other new age recordings ;-)

"Planetario" was probably the first stage recording that worked out fine. The moment was incredible... it was mainly inspired by painter Manoel Castelin

you can get this music at Bandcamp


"Blues" - I started playing guitar with the records of Clapton.
So when someone in a Bar in '96 insisted, I tried to remember...

"The first electric percussion experience"
I once mounted a microphone on the guitar and played a piece of Bamboo with a stick inside. I dont have much rithmic talent, but I sure developped an interesting tecnique... the bass drum is a hit on the mic itself, in a strange moment...

"Estreia da Moringa no SESI"
I built a rather interesting and sophisticated transducer system into a simple clay pot.
When I had a concert at SESI in '98, I felt I had to demonstrate it. It runs into its own Echoplex.
There is also an electric piece of bambu and a Kalimba prototype...

"Break Through"
A self therapy work. Unlucky love, this time. Its necessary to go through this, but it hardly makes sense to show it to some public. I put it here as an example of lots of even uglyer sounds I also made!

Matthias lives in Brasil because it offers good clima for the human and because its the place where we finde the richest mixture of races. As many brasilians believe, it might be the place where the "new human race is cooked". Probably due to these facts, improvisation, freshness, happyness, mysticism and chaos are very present.

With a musicians soul and a degree in electric engineering, Matthias developed in the last 25 years his music and the appropriate instruments in parallel.

The sound of Matthias is based on 3 legs:

  • The sounds are different, clean and full of dynamics. The subtle vibration of the steel strings is amplified with high fidelity and sounds cleaner than an acoustic guitar. Transformed with polyphonic distortion and many other effects, it allows sounds that remind of organ, cello, flutes, without ever using sterile sythesizers or samplers.
  • The LOOP delay (now ECHOPLEX digital pro by Gibson) allows infinite superpositions and reorganizations of repeated musical phrases as a background for extended solos and as accumulator for sound colors.
  • The digital reverberation is programmed in its own way and allows to transport the public to unreal spaces.

The whole system is operated by sliders on the ground. So during the long songs, sounds may change gradually, never giving shocks (like a program change) but allowing extended trips through all kinds of stages.

The body of the music is simple:

Superpositions of simple melodies that turn into less common harmonies or disharmonies, remind of easy to understand folkloric musical languages of several traditions.

The head of the music is a clima of improvisation:

The essence comes through a channel that the music establishes between the material and non material world. Inspiration and casualty bring us unexplainable information about the universe, not only with a meditative effect, but also bringing up conflicts and paradox situations we can learn from or even clean out.

With the partners, the reverb and loop time is shared, so both enter the same acoustical room and rhythm becomes synchronized in a way that leaves the freedom for each musician to define rhythm for all musicians, enter in sync with another or stay independent. This tecnology is called "BrotherSync".