Ouvir mais - Pedir menos

These cover pictures mean to represent the idea behind World Fusion:
A combination of two simple things (a little river and dried water in a pan in this case) can make us imagine new worlds.

While I love to play solo, a meeting with another musician brings new music. I recorded many such meetings and selected some of the nicest examples for this CD.
The partners are: Giba Conceição, Bira Reis, Monica Albuquerque, Kal Venturi, Edgar Silva, Marcelo Bernardes, Soraya Aboim.

Available at CDbaby and iTunes

more music samples

The title: Listening more - Asking less

"One of the characteristics of the second millennium is that people ask for much and believe that it is possible for everyone to have everything. The Christian way to pray is begging and thanking - as if we knew what we need and what is good for us.
This contributes to moral crisis, ecological problems and mental depression.
The alternative behaviour is listening, waiting for ideas to come and finding faith to execute what we feel is necessary for All and thus reducing the importance of individual desires.

A musical expression of this vision is improvisation:
Composing is planning, is asking - Improvising is accepting, is listening.

In the new age there is no space for intolerance between ethics, philosophies and religions. There is space for all movements and for debate on their value, but basically any path can lead to maturity, wisdom, Light...
Exchanging experiences and mixing traditions, we may find the best paths.

A musical expression of this search is the mixing of styles, concepts and sounds: Listening to other cultures instead of imposing our own."


Live Looping music...

...has it's roots in the experimental studios of the 50's, but only in 1992, with the creation of the LOOP delay/Echoplex DP, did it become easy to play on stage with precise rhythms and structural variations.

Live Looping equipment allows a musician to record and instantly reproduce any instrument as its played. With foot controllers, the form of a composition can be changed while playing, allowing a solo musician to build an orchestra of parts.

Other musicians can also interconnect extra looping devices to play in perfect synchronization.




The making of...

... this CD is pretty unusual: Over 15 years, I kept meeting with musician friends wherever I went and recorded the arising music. Here you get the best out of the brasilian part of this 60 hours archive.

Track 4, 5 and 11 I recorded on stage, the others in my living room. I use good microphones and my experience as sound engineer, but there is no studio stress, just the joy to create. Then I carefully select the pieces and improve them by editing, but everything that you hear on this CD was played at the original moment of inspiration!

All the sounds originate from hand controlled physical vibrations (strings, skins... no synthesizers). Similar to the cover pictures, we start out from the beauty of nature and apply technology to expand it...

Sounds you don't recognize come from the PARADIS Elegy guitar, processed with Polysubbass, Polydistortion, Lexicon PCM effects and the Alesis AirFX.

Track 1 and 6 feature a prototype of an electric clay pot.

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