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Visual Arts and left hand

I have very few memories of joy with drawing at school and did not continue afterwards. On some grass trip i my twenties, I discovered that my left hand was better at painting and remembered that my mother had advised to use the right hand for writing. I remember it was not a problem for me and I could not possibly write with my left hand today. But I hold the solder iron in my right hand and at that time discovered that this is unusual.

So its interesting that my next approach to art was in the Computer, with the mouse which I naturally operate with the right hand.

And only very recently, I painted my first T-shirt - with both hands!

At the last birthday of Icaue, it seems amazingly easy to be Clown.

I feel now that the spirit of improvisation, the channel of inspiration is not language specific. So what I learned with music immediatly helps me with any other Art!

The 1990 MatiFonts:

in 1990 I realized that the computer was becoming capable to record music and that I would not be able to live a life without computer as I thought up to then. Prices in switzerland were very high, so I went to New York and visited shops and manufacutrers of audio cards to find out whether I needed a Mac or a PC and then returned with a MacIIci and a Digidesign Audiomedia card ($5000) . Printer (the first black inkjet for $2000) and Monitor (12" black and white) I bought in Switzerland.

then I realized the programing the DSP on the audio card (yes, I wanted to create a looper!) was far beyond my capability, but a friend brought me PageMaker and SuperPaint and I started playing arround with graphics and created my logos and layouts for our work.



Logos for my friends and ideas:



Plug-In Ergonomy

at Mathons, I discovered how important it is to show the right space and color and form to a musician, involved in creating music and not tuned to reading text or thinking about funcionality of an interface.

I find important to use sliders for most controls so that a new value can be selected with a single click (tap!). at the ends of the sliders some additional sensitive space is necessary so that its easy to reach 0 and full with a single click, without acurate pointing or draging.


the sliders need to show their position easily, which is sometimes dificult if the handle is longish, thats why we chose this diamond form

its also interesting to see whether the zero value is left or center


T-shirt collection

yes I collect painted t-shirts. I hope someone finds time to fotograph them, so show you :-)

and yes, I finally painted my first one!