LOOP is the first software ever developed specifically for Live Looping, a now common technique to record phrases in real time and play and record over them.
Before LOOP, live looping was done starting with a fixed loop time, either trying to adapt the music to that speed (usually just possible with short loops which get boring soon) or leave the loop arrhythmic. There was no Record function! Thats why it was mainly used for ambient music (Robert Fripp...) or some base rhythm (Pink Floyd...)
Most of the functions in LOOP came to me when I played with fantastic musicians like Marcio Miranda (Lomiranda) in Rio de Janeiro 1987. Since t.c.electronics, Roland and Lexicon did not show interest in the idea, I started develooping my own...

Here is the story how the LOOP delay was born in Biel/Switzerland and then turned into Gibson's Echoplex.

Aurisis was founded in 1996 to license the first dedicated live looping equipment ECHOPLEX Digital Pro (EDP) to Gibson Inc. The last upgrade was done in 2002. Then the sofware is translated to C++ and is being built into the new Evoloop hardware (made at Looperlative) and a plugin at Mathons.
Unfortunately, Gibson did not promote the EDP as we hoped and showed little interest in a pedal model Aurisis suggested in 1998. So BOSS took over most of the now quickly growing low end market. But they still did not copy many of the functions of our legendary LOOP software.
Ask the loopers: The EDP is deeper and flows better than any other loop tool. This is mainly due to its tape like memory structure. Not even the virtual copies of the EDP like Moebius and Sooperlooper use this structure!

Here a youtube playlist with over 30 videos showing several livelooping techniques:

Here many more videos with livelooping music!