The strange world of Willy Strehler

this page is to be made still.

So far I can say that he has gone different ways and is about toinstall a new studio,
so arround August '02 this page will be much richer.


So far we have a picture of the Peavey 1600x, which he controls byfoot!

Technically he did it the most simple way: The pedals areparalleled to the front faders.
The only problem is that the pedals dont work, if the sliders are onone end.

He sais its the only solution to improvise dynamic densemusic...

the counter part of this box sits on a table and contains aTheremin, drum machine, POD,
some little effects and a small radio to sample and transform anynoise coming in.

He sais its much quicker and intenser to create some sound on theguitar than searching for a sample, so he suggests that future livetechno music with the guitar on the belly, feet on the pedals andhands on the buttons... a song may start with a single low guitarnote in a 300ms loop.

sure, there is a big rack with EDPs and other stuff heneeds...