Curriculum Vitae Matthias Grob

I. Education

  1. Born March 23. 1959 in Wallisellen ( near Zurich) Switzerland.
  2. Primary School, 1965-1971
  3. High School: Kantonschule Zuerich/Oerlikon, 1971-1977
  4. University: Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH), 1978-1984. Diploma in Electric Engineering, February, 14, 1984.
  5. Reiki initiation I and II from Evelyne Helbling (linage: Mikao Usui - Chujiro Hayashi - Hawayo Takata - Phyllis Furumoto - Evelyne Helbling), 1989
  6. Course "A Música da Imagem" about creation of Sound tracks with David Tygel, May 1997.
  7. C++ programming (with Johannes Grob and Bernhard Wagner) 2003
  8. VST plugin programming


II. Professional Experience

  1. Free-lancer work with H. Hogg, Alpha 77. Manufacturing and designing of electronics for music, Zurich, 1973-76
  2. Building of carbon filters for drinking water analysis (1976-85)
  3. Progressive Rock Band LIZARD, 35 shows in Switzerland, double live LP, 1979-81
  4. Construction, rental and operation of LIZARDs PA system until 1984.
  5. Development of a discrete DSP for the veterinary hospital of Zurich, 1981/82
  6. PARADIS Guitarworks: Development, customizing and repair of guitars, pickups and electronics. Winterthur, 1984-1986, 1989
  7. Since 1988-98 occasional live stage services.
  8. Presentation of PARADIS products and concepts as musician.
  9. 1986-88 in Rio de Janeiro as musician. Multimedia concerts and recordings with Vania Dantas Leite, Manuel Castelin, Marcio Miranda, Claudio Nucci.
  10. 6 expositions with PARADIS Guitarworks at Frankfurt Musikmesse, 1985 - 1990
  11. Recording David Hoppkins "Hear the Grass", a CD with 16 tracks of only bamboo instruments. Zurich, 1989-92
  12. Development of POLYSUBBASS, Wintertur, 1990.
  13. 12 multimedia shows the trio "Dance, Son, Lumière", Switzerland, 1991-93
  14. Development of the LOOP delay, Biel, 1992.
  15. Creation and manufacturing of the piezo pickups for the Ibanez AFR bass, 1990-94
  16. Living in Salvador, Brazil since 1993.
  17. 100 concerts (solo, duo and with audiovisual) in Bahia, Brazil, since 1994
  18. Technician of AGBEOKUTA afro jazz band in 1995 (awarded as one of the 5 best shows in Bahia by Jornal "A Tarde")
  19. Technician of LAZZO reggae band 1995-98
  20. Studio Recordings of several CDs, demos, and sound tracks, since 1996 also on a PowerMac at Bambu office
  21. JantArte, repeated event to feed body (chines vegetarian food), mind (invited speech) and spirit (Música AguArianA), Centro Cultural Brazil-China, 1997-2001
  22. Live looping music for "Meditação pela PAZ", Brahma Kumaris, 1999 - 2001.
  23. Soundtrack for the choreography "Dança pela PAZ" by Nelma Seixas, Salvador 2000
  24. Live looping music for Contact Improvisation Jam (monthly dance meeting), Salvador, 2001 - 2010
  25. Música na Sereia, monthly ritual of free improvisation for musicians and non musicians, Salvador, 2003 - 2008
  26. Criation of 6 VST audio plug-ins, being that 3 are the first in the worlds for polyphonic guitar, Salvador 2002 - 2008
  27. Initiation and coordenation for the first FireWire guitar of the world,, Switzerland, 2005
  28. Creation of the replacement of the Echoplex: Evoloop 2010


III. Business activities

  1. Cofounder of PARADIS guitarworks, Winterthur, 1984
  2. Founder of Musical Engineering, Biel, 90-93. Development of the LOOP delay. 1991
  3. Licence of the LOOP delay design for GIBSON Guitar Company, USA, renamed to ECHOPLEX digital pro. 1993
  4. Partner and consultant of PPA Audio Ltda, Salvador, importation of professional sound equipment.
  5. Founder of BAMBU Produções Artísticas, with Bira Reis, Salvador, 1996.
  6. 1995: Musical Engineering turns into AURISIS (EUA) with Kim Flint (California) e Eric Obermühlner (Switzerland) for the licencing of the LOOP® software.
  7. 2008 AURISIS LLC is closed, the knowhow goes back to Matthias. 2010 Kim Flint dies in a bicycle accident.
  8. Software company MATHONS with partner Andy Butler, 2005


IV. Languages

  1. German, mother language.
  2. Portuguese fluent, good writing.
  3. English, fluent speaking, good writing.
  4. French, reasonably communicating.
  5. Spanish, reasonably understanding.


V. Memberships

  1. Audio Engineering Society, Inc., Member ID: 34172
  2. Ordem dos Musicos, ID: 0458331


VI. Publications

As guitar player:

  1. Double LP "LIZARD in Concert", Zurich, 1981, reissued as doubble CD by "Black Rills", 1999
  2. "Das vibrações dos cristais" Solo cassette by TEKBOX, Rio de Janeiro, 1988
  3. "Electric Mantras", cassette with Marcio Miranda, 1989
  4. "Música AguArianA para viajar" and "Música AguArianA para pensar-se", BAMBU produções, Salvador 1995/96.
  5. 10 CD-R with the best solo and duo works of 1987-99
  6. CD "Ouvir Mais - Pedir Menos" at CD Baby 2003
  7. release of most of the works at Bandcamp 2012

As sound engineer:

  1. Recording of Claudio Nucci's "Luz e Breu", Rio, 1988
  2. CD "Hear the Grass" by David Hoppkins. 16 tracks of only bamboo instruments. Zurich, 1990
  3. CD "O Filósofo e o Jegue" by Wilson Aragão 1996
  4. Mixing of the CD "Ilú Bata", 1997
  5. Recording of the CD "Interarte", 1998
  6. Sound engineering for Pola Ribeiros video "Gregorio de Matos", 1998

As electric engineer:

  1. Software e Hardware for filtering and compression of digital pictures, Zurich, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, 1983, 124p.
  2. PARADIS products Polyphonic Piezo Pickup (1984) POLYDISTORTION (1985), POLYSUBBASS (1989), LOOP delay (1992)
  3. Speech "The 21th century lutier" for the swiss section of AES, Switzerland, 1990
  4. United States Patent Nr. 5,218,160 "String instrument sound enhancing method" 1993.
  5. Cofounding and many texts for the site LOOPERS DELIGHT:
  6. Register of the Trade Mark "LOOP" in USA, 1996: 74/428114
  7. founding site, 2002
  8. publishing of the LiveLooping theory on the site 2012