(the plan of my life!)

by Matthias Grob DaVeiga, April 1988
with great help of GuiCouillard, Montreal

Considering the economical and ecologicalsituation of the world, and on the other hand the big chance to becomeone world through information and traffic, we think that we need to putall our energies into cooperation, understanding, freedom and spiritualdevelopment, thus changing the economical habits that work against us,even against the rich.

Music is probably the only internationallanguage and certainly the most direct form of communication, either soul-to-soulor collective unconscious-to-individual unconscious. We need an easy tospeak, easy to understand but precise musical language, flexible enoughto transmit all kinds of feelings. Rock has undoubtedly become the mostinternational, straightforward language. Enriched by other styles, it canserve for a wide spectrum of musical expression, calming down or energisingother centers of the body, The highly intelligent and widely distributedelectric instruments are built for rational planned music of our cool andquick time. They can however be easily adapted, allowing for the creationof new ways to create music with extremely different effects on the listeners.

The access of the musician to thesound of his instrument should be as direct as possible, the inspirationflowing easily between inspiration, musician and listener. The flexibilitydoes not help, if the musician cannot use it quickly or intuitively. Oneway to achieve this aim is through precise amplification of the string,wind or percussion instruments, allowing the reproduction of subtle playingtechniques. Another way is through the use of pedals, mouth pieces, velocitysensitive keys, etc..

The sound should be as natural aspossible, which does not mean acoustically amplified like through a guitarbody or brass horn. It should rather be a simple oscillating sound source, directly controlled by the musician and perfectly amplified.

We should learn to flow again: inour imaginations, in our lives, following our intuitions and destiny. Theprogramming of sounds and sequences is abrupt and difficult to combinewith this principle. Programmers should have open, instantaneously controlledparameters.

Repetition was always the fundamentof music. The mantras and the African dances are just the clearest examplesof the mind-opening effect that repetition has. The delay, used as an analogsequencer, can liberate the musician from the hard repetitive work andgive him the opportunity to feel immediately the effect of his creation,waiting for inspiration. There is no fear or missing or losing some music,so the musician is relaxed and this is giving the music its beauty.

We need to feel the tremendous spaceof which we are part, to become humble modest and confident, not overestimatingour daily sorrows. On the other hand, it can be interesting to enter strangesmall places with imagination. The terrific electronic reverberations thusshould be used in a strong a flexible way, making part of the musicianscreation, and not just as an effect, to be added afterward.

A new instrument should be lightand compact and easy to connect anywhere. A small number of musicians becameable to produce a clear and beautiful speaking sound with small equipment.Drumsets and guitar amps would not combine.

PS (2006)
With the development of the Gibson Echoplex, an important step to this ideal was done. The PARADIS FireWireGuitar is the next step, alowing it all to happen in a notebook computer (laptop). Mathons Chopitch makes a small instrument sound big. Pickups for percussion instruments are in work... we may get there in another 20 years!