Paradis Elegy guitar

in the 80ies, customers wanted all kinds of custom models, like heavy Tele's, Les Paul that sounds like a Strat, guitars in forms of guns, woman legs, mystical symbols...

1986, when I had time to think in Rio de Janeiro, I figured out the form that would be practical for me to play. there was no Klein, we did not talk of ergonomy yet...
Rolf transformed my idea in a elegant design and gave it the colour he though was right (I was shocked first!) and it was perfect for me and its the only guitar I play since then.

Rolf made another 2 of them, but other players did not think it was handy, he sold only one white which endet up with a friend in California.

the original propaganda

Elegy photo

It has two Bill Lawrece pickups that I use mostly as humbuckers

Of course it has our polyphonic piexo pickup, which I use most

The low D additional note (two more frets and a little finger thatcan fix the string on usual E) turned essencial for my playing.

2005: the third Eden Rolf had made in turqoise was finished as the first FireWire guitar, its still with me.

2016: I built a new preamp and polybass board into it and the output is no longer Neuticon but LEMO 19pin like Cycfi